A.L.C. Learning Japanese Program

A.L.C. Learning Japanese Program

Japanese Lesson

If you really want to learn Japanese, why spend your money on expensive lesson fees at those for-profit language schools? Here at Azure not only are we a general language school but, we provide an affordable alternative to learning the Japanese language with guesthouse as well. Our new Japanese language courses just began in March 2010.

AZURE Language Communications Tokyo Narita Japanese Lesson In our modern Japanese-style lounge space you'll have fun learning the language. Basically one by one teaching style. We ask you what you are learning level and what you are weaken points like Grammer, Vocablaly, Idioms or writting like Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

is not your regular classroom setting like in other schools. Here you can truly relax and enjoy your lessons.

We have budget Japanese lesson plans incorporated with choosing to stay at our guesthouse. In other words, the lesson fees include the accommodation costs during your stay here. It's almost like an intensive study abroad program for those on time and budget restrictions. Anyone can learn, and everyone is welcome.

CURRICULUM (Example for Basic Level lesson)

Hiragana & Katakana
Grammar, vocabulary & Idioms
15:00 ~ 15:50
Free ( or cultural event )
Questions Time

3 hrs lesson a day basically, we have questioning tme at the end everyday. you can clear any questions and developing your language levels.

1-4 weeks Short Term Learning Japanese Language Course.

If you're able to come to Japan for tourism and sightseeing, then you're able to stay with us and learn real Japanese as well. Because of the short term of the courses no hassles with visa and paperwork are necessary.

Basically, if you qualify for a sightseeing visa (see Japan's Immigration policies as some countries are required to get sightseeing permission) then you also qualify to study with us worry-free!

We have lesson starting dates twice monthly.
Hiragana and Katakana writing, basic phrases, general conversations and so.


Small class lessons (only 4 students maximum per lesson)

Lesson fees include accommodation.

We're the first train stop from Tokyo Narita Airport NRT (about 5-6 min. train ride from the airport), that means you'll be saving on travelling costs and time too!

Many chances to communicate with real locals in the guesthouse and around the city.

Taking part in Local cultural events.

Lesson Fees (included accomodation)

Terms Learning Levels Lesson Fees Lesson Schedule
1 week Basic ( Beginners ) or Mid. JPY 59,000.-
JPY 49,000.-
Mon. - Fri. : 15 hrs lessons ( 3hrs/ day)
2 weeks Basic ( Beginners ) or Mid. JPY 109,000.-
JPY 99,000.-
Mon. - Fri. : 30 hrs lessons ( 3hrs/ day)
3 weeks Basic ( Beginners ) or Mid. JPY 152,000.-
JPY 142,000.-
Mon. - Fri. : 45 hrs lessons ( 3hrs/ day)
4 weeks Basic ( Beginners ) or Mid. JPY 198,000.-
JPY 188,000.-
Mon. - Fri. : 60 hrs lessons ( 3hrs/ day)

TOTAL Payment: Registration Fee ( JPY 13,000- including 1 text book ) + Lesson Fee
Please feel free to ask us if you want to learn OVER 4 weeks.
Lesson Fees are included Consumption TAX.
These rates are advanced payment .
Small Group Lessons ( Max. 4 persons )
If you just learn without staying, we can discount Lesson fee, JPY10,000 per week.


Male and female separated dormitory rooms with individual yet shared showers. Accommodation costs are included in the lesson fee. If you come as a small group (from 2 to 4 persons) and need a private room we can reserve one for your party (extra fees apply).

Locations ( Narita )

Discover the serenity and magnificence of traditional Japan here in Narita! Not only is Narita close to the airport, it's also a very famous historical and traditional town. With over 10,000,000 visitors yearly, the famous temple Shinsho-ji at Narita-san is a sight worth seeing.

As the headquarters of the Shingon Sect of esoteric Buddhism, established in 940 AD, you too can see what draws so many visitors to Narita every year. Not to mention, it's only an 20 minute walk from us!

Take a stroll through the old streets and shopping areas and you'll feel as though you've traveled through time.In addition, there are old Samurai homes, 'boso-no-mura' (Japanese villages), a Sword Museum and more all in the Narita area.

Terms and conditions


  • <Below dates are based on Japan local time.>
  • 30 days or more in advance, 100% refund not including the transaction fee.
  • 15-29 days 80 % refund.
  • 8-14 days 50 % refund.
  • 0-7 days no refund.
  • Resignation fee is NOT refundable.